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Hi Mike! Thanks for the input. I do appreciate the kind words about all that we do for  the unwashed – although I am unsure of who those people are specifically. Is that referring to the Couveites? None the less, thank you! And I find it very cool that people are digging through the stuff we published almost three years ago (well, at least one “people”).  ‘Casts live on, dude!

A few sources on some of the points you brought up.

While Anna may not have needed Danford’s permission to marry, none the less, it is documented that Mortimer asked his permission to marry his daughter (Daily Evening Bulletin, San Francisco, 11/29/1858).

The note about Danford Balch’s death being “very sudden” is from records of the 36 deaths in 1860 Multnomah County, with that note being written in (Early Hangings in Oregon Reported as “Very Sudden,” The Oregonian, 2/16/1919).

I am familiar with Finn’s book, I actually wrote the forward to it. I agree that it is a great contribution to our Oregon Library. While it came out after the podcast, I wonder if the allegations Finn wrote about might have been referenced to when Balch said:

“I have felt hard towards many for their treatment of me; but I have, in a measure, got over that. I suppose I ought not to cherish such feelings, but there is a sense of injury as to the cause of my present difficulty, of which I cannot divest myself. I am not able because I have not sufficient liberty of mind to tell what that injury was”But of course, this is pure speculation.” (“Dying Statements of Danford Balch,” The Weekly Oregonian, October 22, 1859)

Personally, I happen to like Andy’s Eastwood with a New England twang. But Sheen is an intriguing possibility. Were you thinking Badlands Sheen or Hot Shots! Part Deux Sheen?

As far as Mortimer Stump being called “of ordinary character,” I found this reference in a dispatch entitled “Letter from Portland, O.T.,” Daily Evening Bulletin, San Francisco, 11/29/1858. But of course, this is open to debate.

Again – thanks for the feedback, Mike! – Doug

PS – And just for shits and giggles, here are some portrayals of Danford Balch over the decades (and I like how none of them have Mortimer grabbing the gun).

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Image sources:

The Morning Oregonian, 2/8/1928

The Sunday Oregonian, 8/14/1938

The Oregonian, 12/4/1950

The Sunday Oregonian, 10/15/1961

And two years after Mike’s missive (Jan 2016), Valerie wanted to point out that the Stump land claim donation was in St. Johns. The ‘casts do live on, dude – they really do.

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